Solenoid Valve Dealers In Chennai

Solenoid Valves In Chennai

Southern Pneumatic, one of the prominent Solenoid Valve Dealers In Chennai. The solenoid valve is an electrical valve that is commonly used to control the flow of liquid or gas to have a movable ferromagnetic core through the coil to create the magnetic field. There are various solenoid valve types with variants of pilot operated either the direct-acting of the valves. The most widely used line pressure to open and close the valve body. The solenoid valves are of three types such as normal open solenoid valve, normal close solenoid valve, and Bi-stable solenoid valve. The solenoid valves are often used to clean liquids and gases. Also, they require pressure which is used to open, close, dose, mix, and many other inlets and outlets of the materials. Common in heating the system with compressed air, vacuum, irrigation, this requires energy to switch and stay in the position. The solenoid valve pneumatic is found in many different sectors such as cooling, lubrication, large heating system, climate control, building services, compressor, fuel supply, pressure relief, and in many other tools and instruments. Our products are well designed to deliver our customers with high flexibility due to modular design, a diverse choice of materials, high reliability and long service life, and low environmental impact. The solenoid valve is commonly used in domestic and industrial valve including irrigation system with automatic control, refrigerator system to reverse the flow of cooling and heating water, air conditioning system to control the air pressure, and to control the flow of water, this solenoid also used to control the flow of pressure and fluids in medical and dental equipment. Mostly they are used in cleaning the equipment in the industrial appliances. The special features of our Solenoid Valve of Pneumatic Manufacture in Chennai reduce the electric power, high pressure is designed with manual override, the response time can be adjustable in our product to make the performance easy and with fast. Valves have a damped design to reduce the noise of the closing valves at a low cost efficient to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

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