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Southern Pneumatics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in the year 2000. Our Southern Pneumatics is one of the authorized Hydraulic Cylinder Dealers and Pneumatic Cylinder dealers in Chennai. Our manufacturing products include a wide range of products in pneumatics such as Air pneumatics Cylinders, Hydro-pneumatic pump, hydraulic cylinders, directional control valve, filtration, manual intelligent valves, motorized valves, solenoid valves, spray guns, valve automation, piping systems, pressure switches, electrical actuators, and many other products in a high-quality with a superior grade. Since our inception of the industry has grown in leaps and bounds to gain a strong foothold in the pneumatic industry. We are the leading Uflow Solenoid Valve dealers in chennai. Our manufacturer industry supplier of Pneumatic Equipment and Accessories has been successfully applied to different applications with highly appreciated by our customers, spreading our product all around Chennai. Our industry is striving to attain the greatest level of customer satisfaction through our innovative product range as well as customer services.

Pneumatic Cylinder Dealers in Chennai

Our industry tie-up with the topmost leading manufacturers, stocks a maximum range of products to cater to the customer’s needs, and ensures the safe, timely delivery of the products at an affordable rate. Our employees are a professionally managed organization with a high quality of pneumatic products manufacturing and assembling. We are well expert and experienced in executing the products with a well-designed standardized raw material. We have well equipped in designing to handle the customer’s commitments to maintain a large demand to ensure a quick delivery. Our Southern Pneumatics located in Chennai is fully equipped to synthesis the new products to meet the customer’s needs. Our products design and manufactures reaches a wide range of electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, and many other systems for various industrial applications. We are successfully been passionate about giving the superior product by catering to all our customer needs for the past 21 years with well-trained experience of distributing the equipment. Being the finest leading manufacturing industry, it ranges the largest range of actuators and other products which has the capabilities to meet the growing needs of the industry. Our aim goal is to lead our Pneumatic Accessories and Equipment in Chennai serving the people’s needs and making the work simple with safe and quick performance.


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Hydraulic Cylinder Dealers in Chennai

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